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 A  mystery unearthed...

We need your help, with time of the utmost concern for reasons exceptional.


On January 8, 2016, a wooden box was unearthed in landscaping operations outside of Los Angeles, California, United States of North America.  At the same location, on January 10, 2016, a tin box was uncovered.  The tin box was found to contain a bullet, old European coins and paper money, a WWII ribbon, and a greenish purple, eight-sided fluorite crystal.  Strangest of all, and the reason we are troubling you with our find—thank you so much for bearing with us in this endeavor—the tin box held upwards of 150 very yellowed and partially damaged cards.  Most cards, but not all, displayed a drawing on one side and text on the reverse.  

     The cards appear to have been cut by hand, and are a bit larger than a set of playing cards.  The cards may have survived a fire or perhaps a flood or other circumstances.  

     Many cards detail what appears to be unusual data points from the lives of widely dispersed individuals.  These persons appear to be connected within a web of intrigue.  The cards seem to be a kind of data set suggesting some sort of Machiavellian machinations having consequences of global proportion.  Mongolia, Russia, and Texas appear to have central significance, as well as many named and unnamed locations, the precise coordinates of which we have been unable to determine.  This might be another area you could help us with.  



Are the cards a warning?  We don’t know, yet they administer a kind of foreboding, like an inoculation against the future.  Are they a call to action in cryptographic form?  At this point, after exhausting our brains, we’re ready for anything to be the case.  After nearly two years of study and research, including consultation with image experts, we have concluded that we need your help.

One expert suggested the possibility that the cards comprise some form of paranormal experiment.  Another suggested remote viewing.  We do not approve of these interpretations, though after consideration, we’re no longer of a mind to reject such potentials either.  Perhaps most strangely, some of the cards contain dates not far in the future, as if certain events have already happened.  We are particularly concerned about a particular data item regarding Los Angeles.

     One thing is definite: something needs to be done.  Can you help us?

      As you will see, some cards infer a heavy Celtic significance, though again, we don’t know what that might be, although we do have conjectures.

     We have decided to crowd-source decipherment of the mystery of this maze of images and data, so please can you help?  We recognize that we now live in an age of rampant cynicism, yet do feel that you may not be a person affected by such.  With some trepidation, we now release these cards to you in hopes that you will deign to assist us in this matter.  We would be sincerely grateful.

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